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 Tantrum Thursday

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PostSubject: Tantrum Thursday   Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:21 am

Grace is having a bad morning - can't find her school photo and she needs it right now, her beading is not right, etc. Maybe she should have slept in rather than playing her recorder at 5.3/ am.

Kate is coming to work with me. Her school is going to movie world today but she has a ballet concert and they won't be back in time. Grace has her drama performance tonight too!

Have passed 4 clusters of assignments. 2 to post today and 3 to go.

Have a wonderful day
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Donna W

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PostSubject: Re: Tantrum Thursday   Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:36 am

it sounds like we are all having a great morning with our girls Rolling Eyes I have one good one and one feral one. Kirst is a bit excited as it is her last day of year 10 today and Manda is just her normal feral morning self Mad

oh... I slept like a log last night! yahoo! I don't know if it was the massage or the long soak I had in the bath? But is was fantastic, I feel like I could conquer the world today Wink

I have a bit of work to do on the computer this morning and then I want to scrap this afternoon. Oh and a bit of house work should be done too lol

oh dear... miss 13 just had another melt down... She did an assignment last night that was due today... she went to print it out and of course she didn't save it... WTF??? Her laptop wasn't plugged in and it went flat over night... oh I love the end of term stress.. NOT!

ok, best go and have a shower because I have to drive the girls to school now instead of them going on the bus... Mad Mad

Have an amazing day!

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Peta The Green Sheep

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PostSubject: Re: Tantrum Thursday   Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:03 am

Yep Ferals here too - well one!!!

but they are all off to school now and my house is mine for an hour till 3 lovely ladies arrive for scrap class today Smile
lunch is cooking - table all set - and pages out

First proper right arm wash today in 2 weeks - wow it felt good!

Deb hope Grace has a good day today.
Donna I am so glad to hear you slept
I have been so worried about you xxx

okay off to make a coffee & measure & sort what I need for class Smile

Chat Soon


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PostSubject: Re: Tantrum Thursday   Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:17 am

it must be the day for ferals
and today is way out of routine

so glad you got some sleep Donna
I hope you get those assignment done Deb
and yay for scrap days Peta

well I was out of the house at 8.15
dropped abby of in the middle of coffs for work
out to the big banana to drop Laura of for work
out to Korora to drop Kade of to school and took 10min to cross the highway Shocked
then back to coffs to drop Logan of as he is having an extra session for high school with a few other kids that are anxious or have a few issue going to a school with over 1000 kids

and this mummy shed a few tears Crying or Very sad

so need to wash and hate the fact my dryer died Mad
then the the same runaround this afternoon
then of to the club for the meat raffle and toy raffle tonight
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PostSubject: Re: Tantrum Thursday   

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Tantrum Thursday
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